Monday, April 20, 2015


In the book While The Locust Slept I think the most powerful part was Peter's state school supervisor beating him with a hammer just for getting up and getting a drink. In this part the author uses ethical and emotional appeals but the best one used is probably logical. "I jerked and she hit me again before the weapon glinted in the glow from the hall. A hammer." This quote shows logical the best because someone would just completely question the logic of an adult hitting a kid with a hammer. Not only could this kill Peter but this extremely severe punishment was only for getting water during the night. Peter Razor would use flashbacks to relate to what was currently going on in that period of his life and show how he would react to one thing or another. An example of this was when he told the only time he was physically touched in a caring way and how that affected him throughout his life. Going from past to present and vice verse helped the central idea, one's full potential can not be seen until they are released from what's holding them back, by showing what held Peter back from what he would've been and how he tried to make things better but for the most part it did not work.
Do's and Don'ts in interacting with people of other cultures:
Ask questions
Understand who/what they are
Accept them
Include them with other things you do
Try to befriend them
Insult/ Make jokes about their culture
Mock them
Ignore them
Treat them differently than anyone else
Harass them for who they are
I thin the most important aspect of this unit was learning how American Indians were given nearly no voice in politics until they committed large crimes or violently protested. I think people should learn from this and remember to always allow anyone their voice. Slogan:
"Without a voice, people have no choice!"

Sunday, March 22, 2015


"Hammond’s road to the NHL was an unlikely one. He quit hockey for two weeks as an 18-year-old after he was cut from the BCHL, but got back on the horse in Junior B and landed a spot with the BCHL’s Vernon Vipers the next year. After two championship seasons, Hammond scored a scholarship to Bowling Green State University, where he put up mediocre numbers playing behind a poor Division I team for four years."

This is a recap of the journey of how goalie Andrew Hammond, recently breaking out as a star in his NHL debut with the Ottawa Senators made it to the NHL. This sticks out to me because of how hard he had to work to get where he wanted to be. Hammond even quit for a period of time and you wonder how someone who quits their sport for two weeks eventually makes it to the highest level you can get and thrives. If he would've stayed out of hockey he would've never been given this chance in the NHL.

In the book the iceberg metaphor very much applies to Peter. He may seem like a normal kid, except for the way he dressed to school while with the Schauls, but he really had deeper things no one could see from the outside. Peter struggled dealing with physical touch because he became so used to being beaten that he assumed any adult coming near him was going to hit him. He also was never really loved or cared for by a parent figure until the Klugs which caused him to rely solely on himself or friends for anything.

A central idea present in While the Locust Slept is: A person's appearance does not give away their life story. Her are the lyrics of a song, Everybody's Fool-Evanescence, that represents this central idea.

Monday, March 9, 2015

I love my passion, hockey, because I have been playing since I was 4 and still play everyday. I love the feeling of skating fast on the ice and scoring goals. An accomplishment I am proud of is winning state two times. Both times winning requires hard work all season and even if you lose to keep persevering because what really matters is the last tournament of the year, state. That is the tournament you look back on and remember. The blog I am following is hockey news The purpose of the Hockey News blog is to inform readers on the latest news, mainly in the NHL,  such as trades, rumors, or injuries. An anecdote that stook out to me was A KHL ( biggest hockey league other than NHL) player was cleanly checked but his helmet came off in the impact and his head hit the ice knocking him unconscious and sending him into convulsions. He is now recovering in a hospital and is able to talk.